Final transnational project meeting – Sofia, Bulgaria

The final transnational project partners meeting was held on 20 March 2024 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It includes the representation of all partners including special guest – Mr. Dervis Celik from Esenyurt Regional Educational Directorate of Istanbul.

The meeting was opened by Mrs. Latinka Kovacheva – Principal of the 94 SU “Dimitar Strashimirov” and project coordinator. She presentated a dissemination video, which presented all project activities of the school under Erasmus+ programme.

After that, Mrs. Penka Nikolova – Project manager of 94 SU “Dimitar Strashimirov” presented an overview of the administrative and financial activities of the project with regards to the finalisation of the project and preparation of the final report.

The partners discussed the results from the piloting phase in Bulgaria and reviewed the outcomes from the piloting report. Mrs. Nevena Apostolova from 94 SU “Dimitar Strashimirov” made on overview of the piloting phase conducted at the school.

Mrs. Figen Sekin from WINSS, Turkiye made an overview of all dissemination activities realised by the partners including the reached target groups and concluded on the project exploitation plan.

Mr. Andrean Lazarov from Bulgarian Inclusion Support Team presented the final internal evaluation review and concluded on the project achievements.

The meeting was concluded with an update of the project action plan and agreement on preparation of the final report.