Chairing the pannel on “Inclusion of people with fewer opportunities and special needs” during Annual Valorisation Conference “Active citizenship in Europe” of the Bulgarian Erasmus+ National Agency – 05.12.2023 – Sofia, Bulgaria

In its role as the National Agency for the European Programs “Erasmus+” and “European Solidarity Corps”, the Human Resources Development Centre organise the Annual Valorisation Conference 2023 on the topic “Active Citizenship in Europe”.

Special guests at the event were Acad. Prof. Nikolay Denkov (Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria), Prof. PhD Galin Tsokov (Minister of Education and Science) and Dr. Vanya Kastreva (Head of Regional Educational Directorate – Sofia).

During this year’s conference, five discussion panels were held, during which the reflection of European values and priorities in the two programs was discussed. Special attention was paid to the topic of inclusion of people with fewer opportunities and special needs and how they are included in the projects, and in this regard, the chair of the panel was our Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Andrean Lazarov, who is also an accredited National consultant in the vocational education and training area. In his summary, he highlighted the exceptional role of the Erasmus+ program in the formation of soft skills, a sense of belonging and the professional and social inclusion of this target group and presented as best practice current initiatives, which are managed with the participation by the Bulgarian Inclusion Support Team. He also disseminated the peer mentoring results, developed during the IM-PRO-MENT project.

The achievements of the 94 SU “Dimitar Strashimirov” Sofia and the  Bulgarian Inclusion Support Team were discussed also with the Minister of Education and Science of Republic of Bulgaria – prof. PhD Galin Tzokov.